When was your Cambelt last replaced?

The simple way of explaining the importance of a cambelt is to imagine that you are riding a push bike. The chain breaks or comes off, the bike stops! This is exactly what’s happens when a cambelt snaps, except it’s far easier to fix a bike chain.

The expense lies not in the cost of the belt, but the effect on the engine when the belt goes.

The cambelt keeps the engine in time so the valves don’t hit the pistons. When it breaks it throws the sequence out and the valves hit the pistons, bending the valves. If that happens it is usually catastrophic – most of the engines internal components will be damaged, and the repair costs will run into the thousands.

The cam belt requires replacing every 5 years or 100,00km – whichever comes first!

There are other components that need to be replaced at the same time, this can include tensioners/water pump etc.

We can discuss the requirements for your vehicle and provide an estimate if required.

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