A cooling system fault can lead to one of the most dramatic looking vehicle breakdowns (not to mention being hard for the driver to live down!). The sight of a vehicle pulled over with steam bellowing out from under the hood at least makes it easy to diagnose what has gone wrong!

The cooling system is vital to the health of your engine; ensuring that it does not overheat and maintains an optimum operating temperature.

The cooling system cools the liquid that in turns cools your engine, thereby maintaining the correct operating temperature. Part of the cooling system is the Radiator which has a large surface area of thin fins for the coolant to pass though, over time these can be damaged by stones, filled with dirt and bugs or the plastic tanks attached to most radiators these days can crack with the constant heating and cooling or corrosion during normal use.

It is important that with the change of seasons that the correct mixture of coolant to water is used, to little or too much can be a bad thing for your engine

Cooling System Flush

A cooling system flush cleans out all the sludge and other contaminants that accumulate in your cars radiator. A cooling system flush helps to clear this accumulation so that the cooling liquid can flow properly though the radiator and thereby prevent overheating.

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